Brookgreen Gardens Photography

Brookgreen Gardens is a beautiful location to visit near Myrtle Beach. It’s located about 20 minutes south of the city of Myrtle Beach near the Pawleys Island area. Brookgreen Gardens contains hundreds of sculptures, many varieties of flowers, beautiful grounds and even a wildlife preserve. It was founded about 90 years ago by the Huntington family, many of the sculptures in the gardens were created at their winter home which is now called the Atalaya Castle.

For Amateur Photographers

Brookgreen Gardens is a great place to tour if you are into photography. Especially in the spring, when the hundreds of flowers are blooming, this is a great location for amateur photographers to practice their craft. I would recommend bringing a wide angle and zoom lens if possible. There are beautiful landscape shots to capture with moss covered oak trees, statues, ponds and flowers that would benefit from a 35mm or wider lens. However, when visiting the wildlife preserve, if you want to get good shots of the native to SC animals and birds in the aviary you will need a lens at least 70mm or more.

For Professional Photographers

Brookgreen Gardens can be a beautiful location for professional weddings pictures, bridal, engagement and even family portraits. However, they have a lot of restrictions and high cost to working in the gardens. If you are having your wedding in the gardens they allow bridal portraits in the gardens before the wedding. For a long time, I was told that no professional pictures were allowed in the gardens. Later, they changed and told me clearly it was allowed. Then, a couple years later, they went back again and said professional photography wasn’t allowed. That is why I haven’t taken very many pictures in the gardens over the years. Checking their website recently, they seem to have finally cleared up their policy! There is a $250 charge to do family pictures in the gardens, and a $300 charge to do a proposal and engagement. I’m very happy they have a stated policy now which will hopefully allow me to schedule sessions in the gardens in the future. If you are interested in this visit my website at

I hope you enjoy some of these pictures from the gardens, I plan to make another trip there when the flowers are blooming in the spring. I will update this post when I do!

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